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Here are some of the BEST Tony Robbins quotes that I have collected throughout the years from reading a variety of Tony Robbins books, listening to his CDs, and scouring the internet.  These images were made by me, so feel free to share and like or use them on your website, just be sure to credit my work.

With each Tony Robbins quote, I’m also going to describe in my own words what the quote is trying communicate and what it means to me.

For those who have been asleep for the last 20-30 years, Tony Robbins is an extremely popular motivational speaker and personal development expert hired out by high profile businesses.

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best Tony Robbins quotes

My Takeaway From this Quote: Try looking at everything you do as an experiment or process.  When you run an experiment, you’ll receive an outcome or result at the end of it that you objectively scrutinize. If you look at it this way, you can NEVER fail because it’s just a result which is part of a process to narrow in on the result that you want. Have the attitude of “Hey, I might not achieve this if I try this but at least I will know. Once you have your results,  you’ll need to analyze and study them to make changes for the next time you run the experiment.

best Tony Robbins quotes

My Takeaway From this Quote: Stop analyzing and complaining about your problems. Don’t get stuck into analysis paralysis either. Complaining and complaining is useless.  Focus on figuring out the problem.  I agree overall with Tony Robbins overall message of the quote, however, I tend to slightly disagree on the level that most people don’t identify their problem correctly.  It’s important to understand what your problem is or otherwise you’re wasting 95% of your time down the wrong road.  But at the end of the day action is usually better than no action.

best Tony Robbins quotes

My Takeaway From this Quote: Reverse engineer success.  Always be aware of what type of successful skills people have and don’t be afraid to ask them about them and their thinking processes behind them.  For example: If you want to read fast, look at the best readers in your family and friends and start asking them how they read.  Finding a good role model and mentor in life is extremely important.  It really impacts your learning. You can find mentors in books but mentors in real life are the best because you can interact with them and ask them questions and they can make sure that you understand the principles that you’re being taught.

Best Tony Robbins Quotes - Don't try to be perfect

My Takeaway From this Quote: I personally identify with this quote.  I’m not saying that I do things perfect, but I am a perfectionist in the way that I have an over-compulsory need to “tweak and tweak and tweak” to the point where I am wasting time. For the amount of time that I invest into tweaking something to perfection, I don’t receive a proportionate return.  It makes no logical sense.  I have a fear of failing and a fear that someone might reject my work.  I have identified this as a problem in my efforts to increase productivity so I’ve been trying to adopt Pareto efficiency or otherwise known as 80/20 principles.  Which basically states that 20% of any type of work for a project will result in 80% of the results.  I’ve been trying to learn to let go, and a part of this exercise is this website and releasing content within a certain time.  

best Tony Robbins quotes

My Takeaway From this Quote: Beliefs are everything. They are what govern most of your feelings and decisions.  If you have poor beliefs about yourself like, “I’m not good enough”, “I’m stupid”, “Nobody likes me”, or “I hate work” then you’re life will follow that path – everyone has them to a certain degree.  Most of the time we don’t even notice them.  It’s up to us to discover them and be aware of them.

best Tony Robbins Quotes - real decision is measured by taking action

My Takeaway From this Quote: Stop talking the talk and start walking the walk.  If you have decided something, some sort of change will incur.  Action is extremely important!  If there is no action, are you just trying to convince yourself that you made a decision to make yourself feel better?

Thoughts, decisions, and actions are strongly anchored to beliefs.  Just like decisions, if you say you have a belief, it’s not a belief until you have shown that you’ve acted upon it.  You’d be surprised, a lot of people say they believe in something but their actions don’t show it.  What’s happening here is that the person is just pandering acceptance from others by saying they believe in something.  They want to build an image, facade, or mask, so that people perceive them a certain way.

best Tony Robbins quotes

My Takeaway From this Quote:  If you read about any successful person, you read about how they failed and how they look at failing.  Failing is an extremely important step to success.  Not only is it important for success, but it builds character.  As a society, we see failure as a bad thing, to the point where we terrified to try new things out of fear of failure.  You have to look at failing as one way that it didn’t work, so you have to tweak your approach and try again. If that’s too hard for you, then maybe your pride and ego is getting in the way?

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best Tony Robbins quotes

My Takeaway From this Quote: I believe as a society we are always talking about our dramas and how the world is against us – our sob story.  However, it’s really how you look at it, you’re paradigm shift, start appreciating things more and stop complaining.  There is always a silver lining to anything.

Whether you’re religious or not, there’s a cool quote that is somewhat similar to this one, it’s “Stop telling God how big your storm is and start telling the storm how big your God is.”

best Tony Robbins quotes

My Takeaway From this Quote: Human decisions are made by two factors: pleasure and pain.  You need to be inspired to do something, if you are not inspired, you’re life is probably lacking somehow.  Desperation is a driving factor too.  You hear the stories when people hit rock bottom and they flip their lives around 180.  The worst place you can be is “luke-warm” or “on the fence” – numb to your surroundings.  

best Tony Robbins Quotes - someone else is happy with less than what you have

My Takeaway From this Quote: Happiness is a choice and mindset that is subjective and relative to you.  I tend to look at other people and compare myself, “I’m not at the same place in life as he or she is” or “I don’t make as much money as he does” – We tend to focus on our problems and have pity parties of “poor me” when there is always someone else out there who has it far worse than you but yet finds a way to be happy about it.  Also, it’s cliche, but materialistic things won’t make you happy.

best Tony Robbins quotes - Successful people ask better questions and as a result they get better answers
One of the Best Tony Robbins Quotes in my humble opinion

My Takeaway From this Quote: This is one of the best Tony Robbins quotes.  Life is FULL of problems and you need to be a problem solver to survive.  It really is about the quality of questions you ask not just other people but WHAT YOU ASK YOURSELF.  If you can ask good questions, you will be one step closer to your answers and goals.

best Tony Robbins quotes

My Takeaway From this Quote: We only have one life.  Our time is finite. You will only be as young as you are right now.  Why not make the most of it? Fill it with as much value as you possibly can?

best Tony Robbins Quotes - our entire life changes in a moment

My Takeaway From this Quote: All it takes is a decision from you to change your life. It starts with your choice.  On another relative point, Stephen Covey covers what’s called a “paradigm shift”.  Our life is governed by the beliefs that we have.  If we can look at our beliefs or assumptions at different angles then we can make a better decision about those beliefs. 

People are not lazy, they simply have goals that do not inspire them - best Tony Robbins quotes

My Takeaway From this Quote: This is a positive quote that eliminates a negative belief that some people are just lazy.  If that’s you, then this quote speaks directly to you.  It says that you’re not lazy and that all you need are goals and passions that inspire you.

best Tony Robbins Quotes - It's not what we get but who we become, what we contribute... that gives meaning to our lives.

My Takeaway From this Quote: We are trained to focus on materialistic things and attitudes of “What do I get out of it” but these are wrong ways to travel in life.  If you want your life to be meaningful, you need to give and contribute with a generous heart.  If you don’t like giving, you need to learn to like giving.  I would start with helping the neediest people, because the affect you have on them will be a positive reinforcement to you.

best Tony Robbins quotes

My Takeaway From this Quote: Life is a balance of a lot of things, it’s about a balance of pain and pleasure.  To be happy we need to follow our passions and desires (pleasure) but life is also about facing our fears and pushing ourselves as a person (pain).  Also another way you can look at this Tony Robbins quote is, some of your deepest desires require you to face your deepest fears and that’s the key. There’s a constant dance between the two.

best Tony Robbins quotes

My Takeaway From this Quote: Tony is big into understanding how your brain works and makes decisions. We all operate on a pain/ pleasure mechanism. Runaway from pain and gravitate towards pleasure.  If you can learn how your operate and respond to these pain and pleasure mechanisms, you can start to finally control your life!

best Tony Robbins quotes

My Takeaway From this Quote: Here is another quote that may seem like it’s stating the obvious.  The quote is giving you affirmation that you have the power to change the course of your life.  It also reminds us to take our decisions and pathways in life seriously.

best Tony Robbins quotes

My Takeaway From this Quote: If you’re the type who doesn’t like how much they earn then keep this quote and stick it on the wall.  How much you earn is a reflection of the value you can produce.  If you raise your standards, invest in yourself to raise your value, then you’ll be able to earn more money.  That’s all it is.  You are paid accordingly to the difficulty of problems you can solve.  Solve difficult problems, get paid more.

NOTE: I’m talking more to regular people at a 9-5 job and not people who are working for charities or a peace corp assignment.

best Tony Robbins quotes

My Takeaway From this Quote: Your philosophy or your set of beliefs that carry you throughout your regular day will shape your environment and your life more than anything.

best Tony Robbins quotes
Best Tony Robbins quotes to motivate yourself

My Takeaway From this Tony Robbins Quote: People are unhappy because they have too many high expectations of other people and life and they become disappointed.  Why do you want to place people and outside influences in control of your happiness?  Yes, it’s important to have boundaries and some expectations, but some expectations are really not necessary and I’m mostly talking about the expectations that we’re strongly tied to emotionally.  Having expectations of others is setting yourself up for failure.  If you learn to trade in most of your expectations for appreciation, you’re keenly shifting your focus on things that are going right in your life already instead of sitting on a pile of booby traps that could go off any moment.  Think of it this way, having expectations is like carrying a loaded gun, poorly manufactured, that can misfire at any point and injure you.  One of my favorites out of my list of best Tony Robbins quotes.

A Simple Example: There was one year that EVERYONE forgot my birthday.  It wasn’t until a month later that my father said “Oh my gosh, we forgot your birthday!”.  Some people would flip out if this happened to them and others would think “Am I not important? Do my friends even like me?”. But I gave the benefit of the doubt to everyone and told myself, “Hey, people are busy, the world doesn’t revolve around me, plus I got some things done I’ve been meaning to do. Also, if I really didn’t want people to miss my birthday, I would have told them it was coming up.

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