My goal here for  my review is to provide you a quick & concise summary of the best Tony Robbins courses for personal development.  You’re probably wondering what Tony Robbins course is right for you.  We’ll go over each program and I’ll let you know if I personally recommend it or not.

Tony Robbins is THE guru of personal development.  He is interested in the “WHY”.  If you understand the why, then you can start to control yourself and your actions.  He is extremely well known and coaches the worlds best from the President of the USA to professional athletes.  His programs are designed to get you to take massive action and make it a habit.

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There is a good reason why Tony has such a huge following.  Looking from the outside in, it may look like hocus pocus and “positive thinkgin”, but most of the naysayers have NEVER tried out his programs or read his books.  I highly recommend his material to anyone serious about improving themselves as a person.

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Without further ado, here is my review of the best Tony Robbins courses and Personal Development Programs.

Disclosure: Just to let everyone know and to be upfront, we may be compensated through the links below, but nonetheless,  this does not affect our opinions and recommendations.

Best Tony Robbins Courses & Programs Reviews

Personal Power II - Tony Robbins Program

Personal Power II Review

  • 30 Day Program designed to not only motivate and inspire but to dramatically change the way you think about things – Paradigm shift.
  • Personal Power II holds a special place in my heart.  I was in college at the time when my girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me.  When you go through any breakup, it’s rejection at it’s fullest. You start to doubt yourself on a deep level, what your capable of, and what you’re fullest potential is.  I was lucky enough to borrow a copy of Personal Power II from a friend.
  • Personal Power is a full audio program which is really convenient.  It felt like Tony was there beside you coaching you every step of the way.  You don’t have to worry about reading or finding the time to read.  I usually relaxed on the couch, drove in the car, or listened to it while mowing the lawn.
  • Tony’s prime objective is trying to make you understand how you tick.  In other words, why do you do the things that you do? If you can understand the why, then you will be leaps and bounds above everyone else. He diagnoses poor thinking habits that we get caught up into and he provides better constructs to think in.
  • Highly organized and structured
  • The course contains exercises at the end of each lesson designed to get you to take massive action!  It’s just not a “get you pumped up and motivated” program like others out there.
  • Vocal recordings are very high quality and professionally produced.
  • This is the BEST Tony Robbins course you can get hands down. Don’t settle for Personal Power (Version 1), definitely get the 2nd version! You can get this at Amazon or at Tony Robbins website.  Amazon is discounted though.

Unleash the Power Within - Tony Robbins Program

Unleash the Power Within

  • 6 CDs worth of Audio
  • This is a live recording of one of Tony Robbins Seminars, “Unleash the Power Within”.  If you always wanted to go to a seminar but couldn’t find the time or $1000 then this is right up your ally!
  • His material is taken from his book, Awaken the Giant Within, and pretty much put into Seminar form.
  • If you love Tony Robbins, then it doesn’t matter if you’ve purchased the other courses and books.  For me at least, it always helps hearing it said a slightly different way.
  • The upside is that it is pretty inexpensive! Worth the price in my opinion.
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Get The Edge - Transform Your Life - Tony Robbins Course

Get the Edge: A 7 Day Program to Transform Your Life

  • 7 Day Program
  • This program is a little bit unorganized compared to the rest of Tony’s programs.  Tony tends to ramble a little bit more than usual.
  • The voice quality is not as good as Personal Power II, but it’s still pretty decent.
  • His ideas are in a more compact form.  It’s like taking Personal Power II (a 30 day program) and compressing everything down to 7 days.  As I said before, it gets unorganized and doesn’t seemed as focused and polished as PPII.  If you’re the unstructured type, this might be for you.  Something to throw on in the background.
  • I would recommend this only as a refresher course and NOT a course to begin with.  I would definitely start with Personal Power II or Unleash the Power Within.
  • It seems like I’m knocking this program, it still has great information in it.  It just doesn’t compare to the other programs out there.
  • One of the perks is that you can get this for a steal on Amazon.

That concludes this post on the best Tony Robbins Courses and Programs

I hope you have found this list of best Tony Robbins courses helpful.  If you have any suggestions or see if we’re missing a program, let us know!