Tony Robbins Children – Jairek Robbins & Jolie Jenkins Biography

Tony Robbins Children - Jairek Robbins

Meet Tony Robbins children, Jairek Robbins & Jolie Jenkins. Now in total, Tony Robbins has four children, including his aforementioned biological son Jairek Robbins who was born in 1984 and then his first wife’s three children whom he adopted when they married in 1982. While little is known about two of his adopted children, his son Jairek, and daughter Jolie have built successful careers in the public eye.

Tony Robbins Son – Jairek Robbins

Jairek Robbins - Tony Robbins Son

Jairek Robbins was born in Santa Monica to Tony Robbins and his girlfriend, Liz Acosta, in 1984 when Tony Robbins was 24 years old. Robbins earned his BA in Psychology from the University of San Diego and, while completing his studies, finished a semester abroad with the Semester at Sea program. Through the program, Jairek visited Venezuela, Brazil, South Africa, China, Japan, India, Vietnam, Thailand, and Tanzania. Out of all of Tony Robbins children, Jairek is his only biological child.

In an interview he gave to Forbes in 2015, he noted that the experience challenged his personal values and served as an inspiration to help him find a way to make a difference in the world through philanthropy and volunteer work. He adapted a bit of this experience with his coaching clients in his 10-day “Rapid Results Retreat” that combines adventurous activities in developing nations like volcano boarding with philanthropic efforts such as building homes for the poor.

According to his father, Jairek’s experience with philanthropy began early. Tony Robbins recounted an experience the pair had when Jairek was five years old and the pair were feeding the homeless. “He had this experience where this man grabbed his hand, he was lying on the floor of this toilet, a public restroom, and he was sleeping and woke up and grabbed my son’s hand. … He pulled my son’s hand to his face and kissed his hand.” According to Tony, Jairek’s life of helping others has been shaped by the experience.

In 2002, Tony Robbins son began working with the Anthony Robbins Foundation, the charitable foundation started by his father in 1991 to help prisons, schools, and health and human services organizations. He worked with the foundation for two years before becoming a Results Coach at Robbins Research International (RRI), later serving as a representative for the company until 2008.

Like his father, Jairek is now a successful motivational speaker and performance coach who travels the globe as an in-demand speaker. He has also founded Jairek Robbins Companies and the Rapid Results Retreat. Jairek published his first book, Live It!: Achieve Success by Living with Purpose, in 2014 to grapple with the issue of why most people fail to find success. In the book, Jairek claims the key is finding the motivation — or what he calls “emotional rocket fuel” — to do what needs to be done.

Below is Tony Robbins Son, Jairek Robbins, giving a TEDx talk.

Tony Robbins Daughter – Jolie Jenkins

Jolie Jenkins - Tony Robbins kids - Step Daughter

Jolie Jenkins is Tony Robbins daughter whom he adopted when he married his first wife, Becky Jenkins. She was the only one of the Tony Robbins children that changed her last name over to Robbins.  Jolie didn’t follow her father and brother into motivational speaking but instead pursued a successful career in acting. Jenkins has had many notable acting roles as a mainstay on TV with roles in House of Lies, Shasta McNasty, S1m0ne, and Buying the Cow as well as the memorable role of FBI Agent Leyla Harrison on The X-Files.

Jolie Jenkins married David Pagani in 2001. The couple have one child together. Jolie also writes about motherhood, Hollywood, and being a wife on her blog, Joeycake. Jolie has talked in-depth about her struggles with fertility on her blog and Huffington Post as well, although after several years of trying, the pair had a son together.

Step Children/ Adopted Children

Tony Robbins also has several step children. His first wife, Becky Jenkins Robbins, had three children before the pair married in 1982, including Jolie Jenkins (born 1974) and Josh Jenkins Robbins. Robbins adopted all three when the pair married.  Hope you enjoyed this article about Tony Robbins children.  If you have any comments, please list them below!