Check out these Hidden Face Illusions & See if You Can Get them All

hidden face illusions with face painting

Here is my collection of my favorite hidden face illusions.  Some illusions below are pieces or art, while others really challenge you to find the hidden face in the image.  There are even some that trick your mind into seeing something that’s not there.  Are you good at not letting your face be? Test your skills with the images below.

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Is it a profile picture or a portrait?

Two face illusions

COMMENTARY: People will usually notice the portrait first and the side profile second.  Once you see that both of them are possible, it really makes your head spin.  Pretty good illusion.

Can you find the Hidden Face in the Coffee Beans?


Can you spot what’s wrong with this man’s beard?Man with beard illusion


Move farther back from your screen (5 – 10 ft) and watch the angry face turn into the nice face! And visa versa!

nice and angry face optical illusion - ugly person turns into pretty person

COMMENTARY:  This is one my favorite face illusion.  It’s amazing how your perceptions of something up close changes when you move away.  This optical illusion plays on emphasizing small details you see up close.  When you move back, you see the larger softer details pop up as the smaller details blur away.

Do you see the old beggar woman? Do you see a man’s face?

old beggar illusion with man's face

HINT:  The man’s face is in the white and the old beggar is in the black.

Very well done optical illusion of two people kissing

Two faces kissing ilusion


Do you see the hidden face illusions? Write in the comments if you can or can’t find it.

Can you find the hidden face in the illusion?

Face painting of two faces kissing.

Two faces kissing illusion

A pretty good face illusion here done by an artist.  If you know the artist, please tell me in the comments below.

Do you see the really old man?

Spot the older looking man - there are two faces!

Once you see older man, it’s one of the easier hidden face illusions.

My eyes are going crazy trying to focus on his face!

This will make your eyes go crazy trying to focus!

Do you see the faces or do you see the vase?

Vase Illusion with faces

HINT:  The two faces are in white.  The vase is in black.

 Look at the man in the mask… wait till you see it.Mask illusion - do you see it?

HINT:  Look closer at the face.  Most people don’t see it at first but once you see it you will always see it.


Do you See the Old Lady?

Old Woman Illusion - there are two faces, one is hidden!

Hint: You see the girl in her bonnet right looking away from us? Well the old woman’s mouth is “on” the girl’s neck.  See it yet?

Do you See the face?

Do you see the hidden face?

HINT: In this illusion, the hidden head’s ears are the arms of the sofa chair.  That should provide you a good reference point.


Here’s another face illusion – Sexy Woman’s Face or Do you see the Saxophone player?

jazz man or is it a womans face? Find both in this illusion


HINT: The saxophone player is the black figure with his head up top.  He is a side profile. The sexy woman head is in white with the black as the shadows.  Usually this is the first thing that people see.

Do you see a “Liar”?!

Liar word illusion hidden as a face

You should see the word “Liar” spelled.

Beautiful flowers and a butterfly – Do you see the face?

hidden faces in nature illusion


Can you find ALL Three hidden faces below?!

Three Hidden Faces Illusion


This face Illusion is pretty obvious. This one is a gimme.

You should see 5 hidden faces. Do you see them?


Find the Two Hidden Faces… if you can

Hidden Face Illusions

Do you see the hidden old man with the white hair?

Old Man hidden face illusion

Woman standing by the Eiffel Tower. Do you see the Face?

Eiffel Tower hidden face in paris

 One of my favorite hidden face illusions.  I’ll try not to give it away.  If you still can’t see the hidden face, think “larger picture”.

Can you see the larger Jesus Face in this Illusion?

Hidden Jesus face in this Illusion

Is her hand Invisible?!

Invisible hand illusion


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