Tai Lopez Net Worth, Businesses, & How He Makes Money

Tai Lopez Net Worth & Businesses

Tai Lopez Net Worth

It’s estimated that Tai Lopez net worth is closer to 20 million dollars. In the past, some forums have said that his net worth has been between $3.5 to $7 million however this was at the beginning of his infamous Youtube run.  This figure is hard to estimate.  The fact is, Tai has created a HUGE platform and enormous exposure where he can share ideas and market to the masses.  Kim Kardashian makes her fortune through her millions of followers.  Tai is shooting for that same business model where he builds a platform and markets to them.

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Everyone by now has seen his YouTube Video ads aka “Here in my Garage”.  Whether you love or hate Tai, there’s one thing that he does well – he knows how to make Money. He is extremely well known for his 67 Steps Program which I have extensively covered here.

Tai Lopez Net Worth and Businesses - How he makes money

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How does Tai Lopez Make his Money? His Business Model.

He makes most of his money by using video and ads to market his paid courses.  The smart thing about this business model is that the fee is recurring.  You can definitely learn a lot from his business model if you take the time to observe it.

Here is a list of other things that Tai’s business model does well:

  • Scales business through a SALES FUNNEL
  • He initially spends a lot of money on YOUTUBE ADS.
  • For those people who don’t convert in the sales funnel, he RETARGETS them with YouTube Ads.  THAT’S why you are seeing his ad all the time.  You are being retargeted.
  • He uses Trip Wires.  His 67 Steps program is a “trip wire”.  Trip wires are entry level products that are usually really popular, has a general appeal, AND is low cost compared to the other products.  The goal is to get you into the first product, make you develop a habit of buying from the company, start building a trust in their products, and lastly be upsold the more expensive products in the lineup.
  • He COLLECTS EMAILS for Email Marketing where he sends you a book a day summaries and a link to it.  The link takes you to AMAZON where he makes affiliate earnings on the books he was giving summaries on.  I don’t think anyone has ever pointed this out about Tai’s business model. It’s a brilliant strategy.
  • The fee is a monthly RECURRING CHARGE.
  • The 67 Steps is an informational product which SCALES awesome since virtual products cost nothing to produce compared to a physical product.
  • He gives away VALUABLE CONTENT FOR FREE such as, live webinars, book of the day summaries, free knowledge.  Tai provides value in return creates loyalty and trust between the potential buyer.  It tells the buyer that, “If he’s giving away this information for free, I bet his paid stuff is extremely valuable. With all of these qualities in a business model, Tai Lopez net worth will continue to grow.

How many Tai Lopez Businesses are there?

From listening to his webinars and YouTube video streams, he has been involved in roughly 20 different businesses.

These businesses include the following:

  • Night Clubs – LA and Miami based
  • Investments into other JV businesses
  • Teaching an Insurance Program via Video – Pre 67 steps
  • Tai Lopez 67 Steps
  • Tai Lopez Accelerator Program
  • Social Media Agency
  • Traveling CEO
  • Amazon Affiliates from emails

What other Powers does he have, you ask?

Here is the ORIGINAL video ad for Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps program:


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If you have heard of different businesses that he’s been apart of, please let us know.