Can Your Eyes See Past these Challenging Line Illusions?


Here are some of my favorite line illusions below that I’ve collected from the internet.  If you find some other ones, please contact me in the comments below to share it with everyone.

If you’re interested in learning more about how the brain is working when you look at these illusions, here is an explaination.

Are the Vertical lines below straight or bowed out / in?

Crooked Line Illusions

The converging lines make it appear that the lines are bulging out or in depending on the direction.

Are the Diagonal lines below parallel or crooked?

Diagonal Crooked Line Illusions

The lines are indeed parallel. The lines on the diagonal lines create the illusion.

I bet you that this checkerboard is not “bulging”!

It really isn’t bulging believe it or not.  The line illusion is created from the dots placed in strategic locations on the checker board.  Everything is straight and parallel.

Are these Horizontal Lines straight or Crooked?

Horizontal Crooked Line Illusions

Another classic one with horizontal lines faking to be crooked. The off scattered black marks create this illusion.

Are the men below different heights or the same size?

Larger man? Line Illusions

The men are EXACTLY the same size.  If you don’t believe me, measure them on the screen.  The lines in the drawing produce the optical illusion that the men are different sizes according to their relationship of their surroundings.

Is Shape A smaller than Shape B?

The Best Line Illusions

Shapes A and B are BOTH Identical!


And Another very convincing line illusion.

Horizontal blue and black line optical illusionIt’s insane to think that these lines are really STRAIGHT!

And… What if I told you the two red lines were the same size !?

Perspective Line Illusions

These line illusions create a perspective that provide objects looking bigger or smaller than normal.  Your eyes and brain are trained to see objects in context to their surroundings.

Are the Circles round? Does the Square on the right pucker in?

circle and square Line Illusions

These lines create the optical illusion of making the circle appear more squarish and the square puckered in.  In reality they are both perfect circles and square.

These Lines and dots below create black, hollow dots.

The Best Line Illusions


Which Horizontal Line is Longer? Top or Bottom?

The Best Line Illusions

They are both the same!

Can you see this pattern move?

The Best Line Illusions


The Wavy Checker Board.  However, it really isn’t wavy!

The dots below create bulging line illusions in the checker board pattern.

Square Box - Line Illusions


Here’s another one.  Would you believe me if I said this pattern wasn’t really wavy?

The Best Line Illusions

It’s amazing to think that this checker board is entirely straight and not waving.  Our perceptions have been tricked again!!!

The circles make the squire look like it’s bulging

Circle and Square Line Illusions