Who was Tony Robbins Mentor and Influential People in his Life?

Tony Robbins Mentor - Jim Rohn sitting in a chair

Who was Tony Robbins Mentor?  According to Tony Robbins, he had no suitable mentor as a child, and instead looked to books to guide him through life. Nevertheless, he has been heavily influenced by a few people during his life.

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Listed below are the six individuals Robbins recently credited as being personal mentors:

Jim Rohn

The earliest Tony Robbins mentor was life coach Jim Rohn.  Rohn was a former Sears employee who became a famous writer and motivational speaker. He spoke at workshops across the United States for four decades, was wealthy by the time he was 31, and authored 17 books. Robbins describes Rohn as “a beautiful man” who explained to him that life success is not a reflection of the things we own, but instead how we use them and the opportunities that come our way.

John Grinder

In the ’70s, John Grinder helped establish NLP (or neuro-linguistic programming), a kind of mental therapy that links human neurological functions with personality habits in order to change them and accomplish particular goals. Robbins partnered with Grinder shortly after their first meeting, and credits NLP with helping him to overcome limiting fears and phobias.

Peter Guber

Interestingly, Robbins first served as a mentor for Guber, the president of Mandalay Pictures (I Know What You Did Last Summer, Wild Things, Bernie). Guber is also the owner of the L.A. Dodgers and Golden State, as well as being president of Dick Clark Productions. According to Robbins, their relationship has lasted more than a quarter of a century, and he considers Guber to be the most “creative” person he knows.

Steve Wynn

Robbins is a major supporter of casino mogul Wynn, describing him as an extremely intelligent and energetic individual with very strong ethics and an equally strong personality.

Mark Benioff

Robbins credits SalesForce.com president Benioff as being a personal influence and creative wizard as well. Benioff’s remote data server business was launched in 1999, and Robbins affirms that since then it has been referenced by Forbes as the world’s “most innovative” business in four consecutive years. They first met at one of Robbins’ workshops, where Benioff gave partial credit to the motivational speaker for the success of his company.

Paul Tudor Jones

Tony Robbins also singles out investment tycoon Tudor Jones of Tudor Investment Corporation as a mentor. Worth roughly $4,000,000,000 and listed in Forbes as one of the wealthiest U.S. citizens, Tudor Jones is an investing genius who established the Robin Hood Foundation as well. Robbins ascribes his determination to win even in challenging circumstances to him.

Listening to a TV biography of Tony, he highly respects and looks up to his step father. Even though he hasn’t said it, I would imagine that he would be another Tony Robbins mentor.