Blinkist Discount Code

It’s Zack and today I’m pretty excited because I get to share my favorite app with you called Blinkist.

Ok great, so, what is blinkist? Blinkist, is a service that provides you THOUSANDS of convenient, in-depth summaries of the best nonfiction books out there. The summaries are about 15 minutes long and are available in both text and audio formats. And you’ll appreciate the audio format, if you’re lazy like me.



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Blinkist Discount Code – Huge 20%

The price isn’t that much, $4 to $8 / month for how much information and how much time you’re saving – to me it’s a no-brainer. Now, to help you out, I’ve contacted Blinkist to get all my readers a huge 20% discount for a limited time.  So instead of $50, you’re paying $39, and instead of $80, you’re paying $63. Pretty sweet deal.  If you’re seeing this video at a later time, the offer still might be available,  but just check the link below to see if it still works.

I’ll show you quickly…. ….to get the discount code, simply:

  1. Go through my link to activate
  2. Pick your Package & Sign up
  3. Apply the Blinkist discount code: “flexyourbrain”.

On my website, Some people were having issues with the code and found out that they weren’t going through the link. So just an FYI if that happens to you.

If you’re still on the fence about getting it, they have a 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked.  Just test it out for a bit and if you don’t like it, email them for your money back.

it’s really that simple!

Or you could read all the books you want for 30 days and then cancel and get your money back.

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Blinkist Pricing Tiers

Let’s go ahead and dig into their pricing tiers.  They have 3 pricing tiers.

Free: $0

  • You’re emailed 1 free random book summary a day. You can browse the list of books to make you envious but won’t be able to access their summaries.

Plus: $49

  • You’ll be able to access all the summaries in text format, however you won’t be able to access the audio summaries

Premium: $79

  • You get both text summaries and audio summaries. This is the one I use and recommend if you want to learn on the go and make the most out of your time while traveling and doing chores.
  • You can send your summaries to your Kindle
  • And Save highlighted portions of your book.


Why Blinkist?

We all know that learning is a critical part to life. Talk to anyone successful, and they are reading something.  If you want to be more successful and impactful in all areas whether it’s love and relationships, your job, your health, or your finances, then it’s important to read and learn.  The big problem is that most people though don’t have enough time to read all the books they want to.  That’s why I really like Blinkist. And it’s the best summary service out there by far.  You have so much easy to digest content at your fingertips. This is one of my most used apps on my phone.

Books are powerful because they allow you to learn from other people’s mistakes so you don’t have to make the same ones.  They provide you with better insights, better mental frameworks of thinking, and more efficient strategies, tips, and secrets that give you the edge on the competition, and perform tasks more efficiently to save you time and energy so that you’re working smarter and not harder

How do I use it?

I use the audio summaries whenever I’m on the road commuting to work or to a friend’s house.  Also, I sort of look forward to doing chores now such as doing laundry, the dishes, going grocery shopping, or mowing the lawn because I get to listen to a book and learn something new.  I hate wasting time, so this does the trick. Whenever I find myself wasting time or bored, I pull this app out.

More importantly, the second way I use Blinkist is to preview and screen books to see which ones I’m interested in reading later. These summaries offer great detail but they also allow me to make a better assessment whether or not I would like to buy the book and really dig into it.

To illustrate this further – Have you ever…

  • Read half way through a book and realizing that most of it is filled with fluff?
  • Wasted your time on a book by finding out that it’s not what you thought it was?
  • Became frustrated on deciding which book to read next? The problem is sort of like Netflix where you spend more time searching for a movie than actually watching a movie.

Blinkist solves all of these issues. No more disappointment from buying a book on hype, or finding out that it has a bunch of fluff with no substance.

Is it worth it?

I would say that the amount of time and energy that this app has saved me is FAR WORTH THE MONEY –I’ve recommended this App to nearly all my friends and Family.  If you read a lot of books or want to read a lot of books but just can’t find the time, then I think this App is a must.  It helps you build momentum and excitement about reading and all the different possibilities and information out there.  .  The learning opportunities are endless, learn from the best books about how to read faster, how to improve your memory, how to create a startup, make money online, build muscle, take control of your health,  the best strategies to investing your money, anything and everything about relationships, business, politics, personal development and on and on.

What’s the interface like?

Let’s go ahead and dive in to the app. Right now, I’m signing in to the web browser version on my desktop however you can easily use the Blinkist App on your phone to do the same things.

The interface is clean and minimal. You have your navigation at the top,

Click on the home button to go to your homepage, search for a book or author, browse through your favorite categories, or access your notes that you’ve made highlights on.

You can easily browse books that you might be interested in.  I heard that they came out with the new Tim Ferris book “ Tools for Titans” a little bit ago,  so I’m going to search for that and check it out.  I’ll give you a little preview.

How well are the summaries?

The summaries do an awesome job at capturing the original book.  I would say that a lot of the books out there nowadays contain a lot of filler material just to sell books, however, there are a few books out there you will want to read the full book.  Other than that, the summary does a good job at crystallizing the important points.

There are going to be times where there will be important details that were left out of the book because some books are just jammed packed with ideas that it’s impossible to completely summarize everything in 15 minutes.  None the less, it gives you a great idea whether or not you would be interested in reading it later.  One example of this would be the summary for Jack Canfield’s book, Success Principles, where he has 68 ideas that make someone successful. To provide a detailed summary on this just isn’t feasible for the type of book that it is.  Most other books out there like The morning Miracle by Hal Elrod, or 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins, or The One Thing, can be effectively summarized where you can easily apply their teachings to your life at the end of the summary.

I’ve noticed one minor downside about summaries. When you read a whole book, you tend to remember a lot of the principles because you spent more time reading it.  This is immersion time.  With summaries, you’re only immersed 15 min, so the memory doesn’t really capture everything because of this.  This is just the nature of summaries.  That’s ok though, I typically fix this by listening to the summary again at a later time so I retain more information, or I write notes down and review them and see how they personally apply to my life.

That’s one of the secrets that most people don’t do.  They get great advice from books, but they don’t brainstorm and envision how they can APPLY it to their life.


So hopefully my blinkist review and Blinkist discount code helped everyone gain more insight on it. It’s a great app, It’s my top recommendation, I’ve been a paying member for 3 years, and I think anyone who loves learning about new things will instantly fall in love with it.

If this review helped you, hit me a like, subscribe so I know to produce more content like this.  Thanks guys,  I’ll see  you guys next time!