Increase your Productivity with the Pushbullet App

pushbullet app for productivity

Wouldn’t it be great if all of our devices could all be synced and linked to one another? For years, I have been wanting this type of connectivity.  The PUSHBULLET app has done just that!  For example, when I’m at my computer, I automatically get all the phone notifications on my computer screen.  That’s ONLY the tip of the iceberg though – read more below on why you need this great app.

What Does PushBullet Do?

  • Pushbullet app saves you time by moving your notifications, links, and files wherever you go.
    We save you time by moving your notifications, links, and files wherever you go.
  • Automatically see all of your Android phone’s notifications right on your computer. This means you can see who’s calling or read and reply to text messages even if your phone is on silent or in another room, and more.
  • Pushbullet also makes it easy to send pictures, files, links, and more to your devices and friends.
  • Sending things with Pushbullet is the easiest way to share things between your devices:
    • Push a link to your phone by just right-clicking on it on your computer. You can then go right to the link by tapping on the notification.
    • Send pictures and other files to your phone wirelessly from your computer and open them right from the notification. No more digging things out of your email inbox or Dropbox.

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Pushbullet app for productivity