My Logitech H800 Review – A Solid Bluetooth Wireless Headset for the Price


Logitech H800 Review -Bluetooth Wireless HeadsetMy Logitech H800 review will discuss the pros and cons of Logitech’s wireless headset.  So if you’re here, you’re probably wondering if the Logitech H800 is a good Bluetooth wireless headset? Before I bought this, I had been comparing and contrasting all sorts of wireless headsets.  The answer to your question really depends on what you want out of them. Let’s first discuss what I use it for.

What I use it for:

Speech to Text Dictation with Dragon Naturally Speaking – I was desperately in search for the best dragon headset and I luckily found this one after many purchases.  There are other more expensive headsets out there like the Jabra Pro,  but this is the best budget wireless headset for dragon naturally speaking (Nuance).  I didn’t want to go the wired mic route because I wanted to be dictating while moving around. Dragon also labeled this as a recommended headset and I have to say that it works extremely well! I usually get 95% dictation.  In fact, I’m dictating this right now as we speak.  If you want to increase your productivity, Dragon 13 is the software to get!  Most people give it a bad review because they have the wrong mic.  This mic has been perfect.

Online Gaming – Starcraft II – Easy pairing, clear quality audio that I can hear from the game and teammates.  The mic relays great quality sound over to teammates as well.  Am I saying that this is the best gaming headset?  No.  But for the price and all the features, it’s pretty good.

Use it as a Bluetooth Headset for your Phone – Although this isn’t the most ideal Bluetooth headset to wear while talking on the phone (especially in public), I use it to talk to family and friends while doing other things like folding laundry.  There are times I can’t wear wired headphones when the phone is charging.  With this headset I can leave my phone charging and still move around freely.

Next up in my Logitech H800 review, I’ll talk about what I love about it.

What I love:

Long Battery Life – 10/10 –  This has 8 hours of battery life! Long enough for a whole day of talking on the phone, gaming, or speech to text dictation.  There are a lot of other headsets out there that run 4 -6 hours.  The extra time allows me virtually all day use.

Price – 8/10 – I bought this headset brand new for $99.  However, now it’s roughly $60 – $70 on amazon which is a great price for the amount of features you’re getting.

High Quality Headphones for Listening – 7/10 –  Now if you’re expecting this headset to perform like Beats then you are going to be disappointed. For the price though and the functionality, it’s pretty good quality.  If you’re anal about your sound and consider yourself an audiophile, you’ll probably rate this a 5/10.  You’re barking up the wrong tree.  If you’re a normal user and want decent quality, this will do it for you.  If you’re listening to music, these headphones are “ok” when you compare them to expensive brands.  They have decent highs and decent bass (not thumping by any means), however the mids are a bit “muddy”.  They are definitely better than your stock PC / laptop speakers though.

Great Recording Quality – 8/10 –  I’ll try to record some samples in a video review so you get a better idea.  Recording quality is really good.  It’s nothing like a condenser microphone or a yeti microphone though, however it’s good enough for dragon to pick up the words extremely accurately.

Has Two ways of Connecting

  • Bluetooth: The first way of connecting is through Bluetooth which will allow you to connect to virtually anything with a Bluetooth device such as your computer or your phone.
  • USB Dongle: This is the main method I use when connecting it to my computer because it has better audio quality and range.

Compartment to store USB Dongle – This comes in handy when you want to store your headphones away and don’t want to lose the USB dongle.

Adjustable – I have a big head, so having it be easily adjustable was a nice feature to ensure it fit me right.

Comfortable – 7/10 – These are pretty light which helps when you are wearing a headset for a long time.  I docked the headset down though because the ear pads aren’t the greatest.  Read below for more info on the ear pads.

Collapsible –  These are conveniently collapsible. Great feature if you’re traveling and want to store them.

Neutral Feelings

Weight:  The weight is pretty light which makes it feel a little bit cheap.  However, the light weight helps with wearing the headset for long periods and not having a heavy headset wear you out after a couple hours.

Style:  It looks ok… that’s about it. It looks plain Jane ordinary.

Next in my Logitech H800 review, I’ll talk about what I don’t like about the headset.

What I don’t like

Plastic Feel – I wish that the plastic had a nicer feel to it.  Some parts of the headset is made out of a nicer plastic – I just wish that it was like that for the whole headset.

Foam Ear Pads – The foam ear pads are functionally fine and they don’t overheat the ears like plenty of the leather ones.  I would say that they just don’t look as pleasing to the eye as leather ones.

Logitech H800 Review Conclusion

If you’re looking for the best of the best headset, you’ll be disappointed in this.  However, if you’re looking for an extremely versatile headset with high quality audio at an economical price then this is an awesome buy in my opinion.  Versatility, functionality, at a great price with descent sound are the key selling points.

You can pick this Logitech H800 headset up and read more info & reviews here.