Welcome to my Xetum watch review where I’ll try to tell you the pros and cons of my Xetum Stinson watch  (the Tyndall model is very similar).   I’ll be frank, this is my favorite watch. To be honest, it’s my most expensive watch.   *Sigh* and yes… I fell victim to Xetum’s retargeting ads that were everywhere.  I didn’t know what retargeting ads were back then, so when I saw the ads for the watch popping up everywhere I thought it must be divine intervention telling me I needed this watch! Oh sheesh.  For a couple of months it sat in my amazon wishlist staring at me with puppy dog eyes.  I was really looking for excuses to not buy it.

“So Zack, why did you shell out $1000 to buy the watch?” That’s a great question. Besides the fact that I loved the timeless, modern design, I was going through a time in my life where I was working a lot. In fact I was working 100 hour work weeks.  To put that in perspective, I was working 13.5 hrs every single day with no weekends. Weekends were my short days and weekdays were usually 16 hrs work days.  The money was great, however, I felt like that world was passing me by.  I felt isolated, and it didn’t help that my girlfriend at the time felt neglected. So I chose to buy the watch because 1) I wanted to reward myself for the hard work I put in and most of all 2) I wanted a reminder to never take time for granted.  The watch to me is a symbol of just that, that time is the most precious thing in life and we need to spend it wisely on the things that matter most. And it just looks damn sexy with a suit.  You can really dress this watch up or down.

Xetum sells their watch on Amazon and you can get it there. I love Amazon because they have a great return policy and extremely fast shipping.  Amazon is a trusted market place.

Moden Xetum Watch Review of the Stinson
The Stinson, beautiful, timeless, and modern.


Modern Design:  The design is sleek, modern, simple, and bold.  All the elements of a great, timeless, and classy design.  This is something that an architect or designer would wear.

Piece of Art: Supporting the above reason, this watch really is a piece of art worn on your wrist.  It don’t just look good, it has an amazing feel and weight to it.  When you hold it in your hand, you know that you’re holding something special.

Dial Size: Now, I like large watches. At first, I thought this watch would be small. It’s the perfect size, it’s not too small and it’s not too big. It’s perfect.

Lugless:  I tried to look everywhere for a lugless watch design and I couldn’t find something similar to this watch.

Leather/Cork Strap:  The leather on this watch is premium quality. After 3 years of use, it wears exceptionally well, even with the cork lining that embraces your skin. I was worried about the cork lasting, but it lasts exceptionally well.  The strap has an interesting clasp design that I like and bands are easily interchangeable.

CNC Machined Stainless Steel:  The watch dial / head is precision machined.  It also has different surface finishes from a brushed finish to a polish finished for the purpose of accenting the metal dial in specific places.

Swiss Movements:  Like all expensive watches, Swiss movements are the hallmark of a quality watch and accuracy.  This watch isn’t any different.

Accurate:  Supporting the above statement.  This watch is extremely accurate. With its Swiss movements, I don’t have to reset the time due to inaccurate time keeping like other cheaper watches.

Beautiful Presentation Box:  I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that the watch was enclosed in a very nice, large, wooden box.  Perfect for displaying it or storing it.

Sapphire Crystal:  LOVE this feature.  All expensive watches are made out of a sapphire crystal and NOT glass.  Sapphire crystals are one of the hardest substances, a lot harder than glass, and is virtually scratch resistant. This worst thing in the world is having a watch you love and it scratches easily on the watch face.

Kinetic winding:  No more changing out batteries.  The back of the watch is clear so it beautifully showcases the kinetic movement.

Extremely High Quality:  To just reiterate again, this watch feels amazing to the touch with its premium materials. When you hold it in your hand, the weight of it feels dense and expensive.  It really feels like a watch that will be something you hand down to your grandkids.  It’s something that is timeless and extremely well built.

Front of the Xetum Stinson Watch
Xetum Watch Review – Close up of the Xetum Stinson face of the watch.

Backside of the Xetum Stinson watch
Backside of the watch. The leather and cork has worn in extremely nice for the 4 years that I’ve had this.

Xetum Watch Review of the Stinson
Close up of the back.


Nothing:  As far as this Xetum watch review goes, I really can’t find any cons about this watch, except for the following items below.

Price: For newbies, the price is a bit of a sticker shock, however, for the materials, craftsmanship and class of watch that this is in, the price is definitely worth it.

Must keep it wound:    The kinetic movement on this watch is superb. I typically don’t wear my watch every single day. Like all kinetic watches, the watch stops working if it’s left unattended for 2-3 days.  This is perfectly fine for me, but if you want to wear it again you just have to simply reset the time on the watch and you’re back up and running.  For people that want it running all the time, you can manually wind it in the morning every other day or keep it in a watch rotator.


An extremely classy statement piece. I love it.  I’m still in love with it.  Sure it’s expensive, but for me it’s a reminder that time is precious and to never take it for granted.  I’ve had this watch for about 3-4 years and I have had absolutely no issues with it.  It’s extremely accurate and I don’t need to adjust the time at all.  I get complements on it all the time. If you are looking for a great, unique, high quality watch, you will absolutely love this one.

As I said before, Xetum sells their watch on Amazon. So if you buy it and you don’t love it, no worries because you can always return it, Amazon is known to be one of the most trusted market places and they have excellent return policies and costumer satisfaction, plus their shipping is really fast.

Hopefully my Xetum watch review helped you in making a decision.  If you have any questions or concerns, let me know in the comments below.