MTHFR Checklist

& Grocery List

Easy Checklists to Save You Time!


Are you writing notes on the article? We’ve done the hard work for you!

This small PDF checklist guides you through the complicated steps of MTHFR with a nice and concise checklist of actions that you’ll be able to easily reference wherever you are.


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What you Get:

  • INSTANT ACCESS to MTHFR Checklist & Grocery List (PDF)
  • 7 Pages of Content
  • Checklist (6 pages): Actionable checklist and key takeaways.
  • Provides you a summary of important takeaways in the form of an actionable checklist: Testing, Supplementation, Common Toxins to Avoid, Stress Management, Foods, etc
  • Includes websites to specific recommended products for your convenience.
  • Grocery List (1 page): Know exactly what foods naturally help with your MTHFR. This list took a couple of hours to research and write.  I list the top foods and their specific amounts of B12 and Folate so you know which food is most effective.
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